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Asian inspired cocktails are a ‘fun, funky, exciting’ sake experience especially who people who would go for sweet, exotic-sounding cocktails with a lot of juices flavors.

Be inspired by our asian influenced cocktail menu


We believe people rarely go to a pub because they’re thirsty. Going out is a social thing. Now a day, most people will go for sweet, exotic-sounding cocktails with a lot of juices. While experienced drinkers opt for simpler cocktails like the Platinum Bullet—a no-nonsense concoction of vodka or gin served in a chilled martini glass with one olive. Drinking hard liquor straight is making a statement. It's an image. But then again, people rarely go to a pub because they’re thirsty for hard liquor.

What's The Different Between Japanese Sake Vs. Whiskey?


Here some basic truths. Sake just means alcohol in Japan. Sake is the rice-based drink. I know that the part of the process is getting to grips with how it is made. It has been made in Japan for over 1,000 years. However sake that made in the form of premium sake such as ginjo, only has been around 50 years.


Tell Us About Sake


Sake is an acquired taste. Sake remains a mystery to many consumers in western countries, that people should give it a try. When it comes to sake, there are two kinds of people: those who have acquired the taste and those yet to acquire it. But I would assure you that once you're hooked, you’ll never look back as a world of unalloyed drinking pleasure opens up before you. I know I did. Many of people in our restaurant did.


Why Our Cocktails Are So Good?


It's because sake tastes so good. In addition, first of foremost, sake has such a polishing taste. Quality grades are determined by the polishing ratio and so on. How much of the rice grain is milled away before the starchy core is ready to be converted during the fermentation process. Interns, therefore, grades and accompanying prices are a guide to quality. Scondly, Fermentation process by one who's doing it, in most cases the master brewer. Fermentation process by the far is the most significant contribution to the style and flavor comes from the aims and techniques of the ‘toji’, the master brewer.

Why Everyone Should Try Your Asian Inspired Cocktails?


Asian inspired cocktails is a ‘fun, funky, exciting’ sake according to its enthusiastic customers. If you already know what you like, it’s easy to choose from our menu. However, it's always best to explore, discover and be inspired by new ones. Who doesn't like parties or being get invited into a really cool one! We're one of the best new spots in town.

What Our Customers Are Expecting?


This is the place to be inspired, discovered and explored whether you're in for sushi, ultiamte omakase or cocktails. At our bar, I can assure you that our cocktails menu selections have such an aromatic displays plenty of intense. What our customers really like about our cocktails are the instinctive in flavors, full and richness in taste and smoothness in texture of each of our signatures. We carry extensive cocktails menu where each of our cocktail signature has its own uniqueness and colors. Our cocktail takes you to different land where you travel in senses without having to go far.




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